Wesley Bros Comic

While in Divinity School, I thought I’d do a comic on early church fathers and Catholic saints, but never found the time to figure out how I wanted it to work.  Then in Spring of 2013, I thought I could just focus on one or two main characters who would interact with others.  If it was set in today’s culture, I could be as anachronistic as I wanted and just ignore time boundaries altogether, so characters who died hundreds of years apart could interact in person (not unlike how you or I interact with brilliant ideas from those who have gone before us).  I didn’t really think anyone would be that interested in my comic because most people don’t know all the historical facts surrounding these somewhat obscure characters.  Then I was introduced to Kate Beaton’s wildly successful “Hark A Vagrant” comic, and thought that I might have a chance (please read her stuff, it’s brilliant).  I didn’t really want to do a “Christian comic,” because…yuck.  For better or worse, Wesley Bros just worked out to be the clearest expression of my weird sense of humor combined with stuff I know a lot about.

Since 2013, Wesley Bros Comics has spawned into the UM Communications animated shorts: Wesleys Take the Web, and a collection of comics is published through Abingdon Press called Submitting to Be More Vile: The Illustrated Adventures of John and Charles Wesley.

I create and post comics weekly to wesleybros.com. Years of the Wesley Bros Comics are archived on this website.