New Book from Charlie Baber

From the creator, author, and artist of Wesley Bros Comics, Charlie Baber delivers a new graphic novel delves into the history of the United Methodist Church incompatibility clause. The book arrives at a time when more than ever, Christians are asking real questions about homosexuality and their faith. As Christian churches around the United States continue to fracture, separate, and struggle over homosexuality and the church, Charlie Baber’s graphic novel provides a great starting point for small groups, congregation exploration, and possible healing for individuals who have been cast out themselves.

Check out this promotional video featuring Charlie Baber.

Incompatible: How the Church Cast Out LGBTQ Christians & Where We Go Next

Incompatible: two things so opposed in character as to be incapable of existing together.

LGBTQ Christians exist. They worship beside you, preach from your pulpits, direct your choirs, and love God and neighbor, just like you. Yet denominations continue to split over issues around inclusion, and LGBTQ Christians are told their faith and sexuality are incompatible.

When two young congregants approach their pastor on the subject of LGBTQ inclusion in the church, they embark on a journey through the history of Christian belief and practices around human sexuality. Centered around the events leading to the current split within The United Methodist denomination, this funny and informative graphic novel explores how the full inclusion of LGBTQ Christians is a faithful witness to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Incompatible is a stunning work of art, a potent mix of graphics and story that offers not only a glimpse of how we got to where we are but shines a hopeful light on the path forward.”

Matthew Paul Turner, New York Times bestselling author of What Is God Like?